Coors Brewers has signed an exclusive deal with Asda to market a special cooler that takes just a minute to chill drinks to the perfect ice-cold temperatures.

Asda will be the first UK retailer to stock the Carling Cooler, which has been developed in the US, and cools drinks up to 40 times faster than a freezer.

Asda category beer buyer Tracy Ford said: "We are delighted to be selling the Carling Cooler exclusively in our stores in the run up to and during Euro 2004. This is an excellent category initiative to drive excitement and value in the beer aisle."

Once plugged in the Carling-branded cooler is filled with ice and water and a can placed inside the unit. After being rotated for a minute, the can will be ice cold - and won't froth when opened, noted Coors.

Asda will retail the chillers at £ 39.98.