from Chris Brown, agriculture strategy manager, Asda HQ, Leeds

Sir; Further to Richard Clarke's article ('Milk war triggers new FFA militancy', The Grocer, April 15, p40) and comments in the national press, it's fair to say that no retailer is doing more than Asda to drive transparency and openness in the dairy sector.

We are quite clear as to what we pay our own dedicated farmers, while our competitors prefer to keep their prices under lock and key.

We would encourage them to do the right thing and sign up to our four-pint pledge. They should join us in adopting the National Farmers Union's vision for the dairy industry, expressed through its strategy document A Vision for the Dairy Industry.

We've been overwhelmed by the support our pledge has received from farmers, customers and politicians alike. More than 1,000 people have already signed up online and 10,000 people have visited the web site.

As our move has clearly demonstrated, only a long-term partnership approach with farmers can bring about a fairer distribution of costs in the milk supply chain.

If only the other major multiples would do the same thing as we have done.