The first major sightings of Christmas lines were reported this week. Asda's mince pies were piled high on a display among bread and cakes. Safeway at Gateshead dedicated a gondola end to speciality cheese from small producers. Meanwhile, Asda was also wooing customers with samplings of cheese and biscuit selections and free packs of Hall's Soothers. Competition was hot between Tesco and Asda. They matched each other on price for bacon and Kleenex tissues, and they were the only ones not to up the price of bread by 5p. There were four full baskets and each were close in price, but Asda had the cheapest at £38.67. This week's deals included Asda's Rollback on Jacob's Creek wine and Somerfield's Megadeals on apples, Anchor Spreadable and pasta shells. Safeway's deep cuts on Diet Coke and McVitie's chocolate Homewheat helped to offset the 3p price hike on orange juice. The Co-op's specials included 36p off 100g of Nescafé and 50p off Jacob's Creek wine. But our shopper lost out when the price of the Tetley teabags, which should have been 79p, went through the checkout at 95p. Sainsbury also got the thumbs down because instead of paying 45p/454g for apples, our shopper was overcharged by 23p. {{GROCER 33 }}