Football fever is making its way down the crisp aisles at Asda this month with a range of crisps under its own label brand that celebrates World Cup-winning countries of the past.
Six variants are being launched, with packaging specially created to show each teams& ' shirt colours and flavours chosen to represent a comical if clichéd aspect of the winning nation. Flavours are Argentinian beef, Brazilian salsa, German sausage, French frogs legs & garlic, Italian arrabiata and English vindaloo flavour.
Created by packaging design company FLB, the bags also carry tongue-in-cheek references to memorable football matches involving the England team's previous campaigns. Argentinian crisps carry Diego Maradona's shirt number, '10', and are described on pack as Hand (of God) Cooked crisps.
The shirt number on the English bag, on the other hand, is '66' to depict the year of England's victory.