On the fourth anniversary of The Grocer 33, the original shopping list was again reactivated to check out the changes over the past year. Higher priced fruit and veg, milk, Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Comfort fabric conditioner were just a few lines that helped push up the average weekly basket to £37.19, an increase of 94p on the same time last year. Individual store bills also highlighted changes in pricing policies. Safeway's high:low strategy is probably the reason for the £1.91 hike in its bill compared with a year ago, although Somerfield, which adopted similar tactics, was only 1p different. This time round Asda failed to supply the cheapest basket, after doing so for three consecutive years. The sole reason was that its Metro Park, Gateshead, store sold Flora only in 500g tubs and not the 250g size that we wanted. And four years on, Waitrose and Morrisons are still not listing Piat d'Or wine. This week four full baskets were checked in ­ one more than this time last year ­ and the Tesco Extra at Pengam Green, Cardiff, had the cheapest till receipt at £35.82. We also turned back the clock for a special barbecue purchase repeated from June 1999, an eight-pack of Birds Eye Quarter Pounders. Somerfield notched up the best buy at £3.49, which was not only the same price as two years ago, but also had 50% extra free. l Annual review, p24 {{GROCER 33 }}