The Feel Good Drinks Company is predicting sales of its Feel Good Kids line will double to £2m next year, following a new national listing deal with Asda.

The orange, pineapple & banana and blackcurrant, apple & grape drinks (rsp: £1.99 per four-pack) have previously only been available in Waitrose and outlets such as BHS cafés and Little Chef, but will roll out across the Asda estate this month.

Company co-founder Steve Cooper described the deal as "a brilliant step ­forward" for the Feel Good Kids range, which launched in May last year and had a 1 of kids 5-a day message introduced to packaging this summer.

"We believe that healthy, refreshing drinks for kids are a huge opportunity and welcome the support of Asda and our other customers," he said. "We are looking at significant growth with our £1m kids range forecast to at least double in size next year".