Rebel pig farmers say they hold Asda responsible for their ailing fortunes and will make the chain a primary target for action.
Members of the British Pig Industry Support Group blockaded an Asda in Wakefield last week, preventing deliveries.
They were angry at what they claim is downward price pressure on processors to supply ever-cheaper pork, which is feeding through to farmers in the form of declining prices. They also claimed rising levels of pork imports were on sale in supermarkets.
BPISG chairman John Rowbottom said that other multiples were guilty of driving prices down but claimed Asda was the ringleader. He added: "They have cheapened the pork sector."
Rowbottom said more protests were to come unless Asda took steps to increase pigmeat prices. "We've lost 40% of the industry and don't want to lose another 40%. Our lives depend on pork, but Asda wants to sell it like a bottom-end commodity."
Asda said senior staff would meet with the BPISG. "Value is very important to us, but we're not interested in devaluing any produce," said a spokeswoman. "We will have a good, frank discussion."