Asda is targeting the time-poor cash-poor crowd with a new 200-strong range comprising meal kits, bagged salads, soups and prepared fruit.

The Fresh Tastes range, which will hit stores from the middle of next month, starts at 66p for a bagged salad, £1.22 for fruit dishes and £3.28 for a meal kit.

All the dishes provided at least one portion of the recommended five portions of fresh fruit or vegetables a day and were free from all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, said Asda.

The range was packed in lightweight clear pouches that used 60% less packaging than conventional ready meals, it added.

Dishes include prawn linguine, cod in mornay sauce, pea & ham soup and berry fruit salad.

“These are quality dishes at an affordable price,” said a spokeswoman. “Fresh Tastes is perfect for time-starved professionals, dinner-party cheats and singletons who want to eat well even when it is just for one.”