Asda is rolling out new 'easy open and close' packaging for fresh salads, allowing consumers to reseal salad bags after opening and cut down on waste.

The i-close technology, which was developed by Paragon Flexibles, started going into Asda stores at the beginning of this month and will be used on salad bags supplied to Asda by Kanes Foods. Packs can be resealed using a sticky film that can be peeled off the front of packs.

Asda head of packaging Shane Monkman said i-close would help consumers manage salad portions and avoid unnecessary food waste. "According to Wrap UK, shoppers throw away a staggering £170m worth of bagged salads ­every year, sending 37,000 tonnes to landfill," he said.

Paragon is also considering rolling out the i-close technology for use in pasta, rice, sugar, cooking powders, herbs, nuts and dried fruit packaging.