Asda has cried 'fowl' over The Co-operative Group's latest half-price chicken promotion despite its own history of deep promotions on the bird.

The Co-op is promoting large Elmwood fresh whole chickens for £1.47 per kg, down from £2.95 per kg, until 13 April. Asda sells whole chickens for £3, according to The Grocer 33.

Writing on Twitter, Asda PR chief Dominic Burch made a dig at the offer. "Local Co-op advertising half price whole chickens 'as seen on TV'," read his tweet. "Will they get criticised for devaluing food? I doubt it."

Burch was referring to a backlash against Asda in 2007 when it sold whole chickens for £2. Despite criticism from consumers and farmers, the chain was unrepentant, insisting that the chickens sold were British and carried the Red Tractor Farm Assurance logo, and that the promotion was not funded by suppliers.

Burch said he made the online comment because Asda was unfairly treated in the media when it ran the offer. The Co-op declined to comment.

The chicken it is offering is a high-welfare bird that lives in a more natural and stimulating environment, with more space, natural daylight and a vegetarian high-cereal diet, similar to RSPCA Freedom Food standards.