Asda has hailed the latest reduction in its carbon footprint as an “amazing achievement”.

The 4.3% year-on-year drop in carbon emissions totalled “a whopping 17.7% absolute reduction since 2007”, said Asda’s head of corporate sustainability Julian Walker-Palin.

The figure was all the more impressive as the number of stores had nearly doubled since then, he said, attributing the reductions to progress on energy usage, transport, refrigeration and waste.

Walker-Palin also revealed that Asda CEO Andy Clarke was determined to promote eco-friendly electric cars.

Clarke had recognised that electric cars were in a “chicken and egg” situation and that despite their low running costs, would not take off until electric charging stations were more widespread.

So last April, he had decided to introduce charging stations and Asda now had the highest number in the UK, claimed Walker-Palin.