Sir, Elly Woolston suggests Asda’s latest price strategy indicates a business that lacks beliefs, citing Waitrose as the role model (The Grocer, 10 March). Yes, Waitrose is unquestionably a business with strong values. And yes, a focus on price at the expense of quality, service and citizenship quickly erodes values. But a strong price strategy does not in any way translate into a lack of beliefs.

For Asda customers, and hence for Asda itself, surely what matters most is affordability: feeding the family well on a tight budget. In The Grocer’s 5 March survey of supermarket shopper loyalty, discounter Aldi came second. And in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index 2012, the third and fourth places were taken by Aldi and Asda. Beliefs aren’t about just about ‘value add’, but what drives the organisation to address its customers’ fundamental needs, whatever their income.

Jonathan Salisbury, managing director, 100%Cotton