An American academic has discovered that the words used to describe wines have changed radically as wine buffs search for a variety of new and unusual expressions to describe vintages. Words such as "meaty", "flabby" and "fat" used 25 years ago, are now being usurped by "chunky", "fleshy" and "big boned". Meanwhile, Asda is playing word games in the run up to the General Election, by renaming its chicken curries at all its deli counters. "Hague's hot one" is a fiery Jalfrezi, perfect with 14 pints of lager; "Blair's Bhuna" is hot enough to work you into a real sweat; and "Kennedy's Korma" is a mild curry with a hint of ginger. Asda promises to "make sure the heat is on the main parties by feeding the results of a weekly Poppadum Poll back to party HQs". {{COUNTERPOINT }}