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Yoghurt Value Sales 2018 Kantar
Yoghurt value sales  
  Value this year (£m) % y-o-y
Yoghurt and Fromage Frais   1732.6 2.5
Small Desserts 591.3 0.2
Yoghurt Drinks 282.3 -1.2
Brands vs Own Label  
  Value this year (£m)  % y-o-y
Branded   1777.5 -1.4
Private Label   828.7 8.5
Source: Kantar 52 w/e 03 Dec, 17    

All sectors have seen consumption decline in the latest year, following relatively flat performance for yoghurts and chilled desserts in 2016. Yoghurt drinks have seen the most drastic drop in performance, losing 27 million occasions this year despite seeing the strongest growth of all sectors in 2016.

The extra £39.4m shoppers have spent on yoghurt & chilled desserts is chiefly down to higher prices, which are up 5.7% in the past year. Prices are up particularly in own label yoghurt and branded desserts, though inflation remains lower than in other dairy sectors such as butter, where prices are up by 21.6%.

A 3.8% fall in sales on deal is partly to blame for the rise in prices. It is also a key driver of declining basket size in this sector. Although 96% of households buy into the category, shoppers are buying 3.3% less volume per trip. This is partly due to the category seeing a shift in deal mechanics to price cuts rather than volume-driving deals.

Despite volume sales declining due to promotional changes and consumer behaviour, we have seen volume growth in the market through healthier sectors such as fat-free, Greek-style and dairy-free. Shoppers are moving away from split pots and active health as perceptions of healthy eating change with a move towards more natural and/or lower sugar options.

The desire to eat something more natural/less processed is the fastest growing reason for consumption of yoghurts. However, taste remains the largest driver of consumption by a long way, followed by health benefits such as added fibre or vitamins.

Top Yoghurt Brands 2018 IRI
Top ten yoghurt brands by value Value sales this year (£m) % change
Mullerlight 174 -1.8
Activia Yoghurt 138.9 -5.9
Yeo Valley 108.1 -1.1
Actimel Yogurt Drink 94.4 -2.3
Muller Crunch Corner 82.3 -7.8
Onken 58.3 -5.6
Total 56.7 -3.3
Muller Fruit Corner 56.4 -9.3
Benecol 53.4 1.3
Petits Filous 52.7 -10.9
Source: IRI 52 w/e 30 Dec, 17    

There may be some increases in value, but not one of the top 10 brands in yoghurts and pot desserts has achieved volume growth. Between them, sales have fallen nearly 18 million litres.

Müller Crunch Corner has seen the biggest volume decline (11.1%) after losing significant chiller space. This has resulted in it being down £6.9m at the tills.

Only Activia has suffered a greater value loss, of £8.7m or 5.9%. Danone puts this down to ongoing rationalisation of branded ranges, the growth of the discounters and the mainstream multiples giving over more space to own label.

Kids brand Petits Filous lost £6.5m (10.9%) on volumes down 8.2%. This was in spite of the 2016 announcement that it would cut sugar content by 17%. In January, it launched its Play Free push to resurrect growth.