In the black and white days of sexual repression and Muffin the Mule, youngsters hosted pretend tea parties of decorum and taste with their button-eyed cloth companions.

Now, the youth of today listlessly ape the cocaine binges of their TV idols, hoovering up great lines of sherbet in the manner of disgraced soap starlets.

For a flared, fleeting period in between, it was all about the fondue. Babybel has revived the dog-days of the 1970s in its new ad, which has kids debating which unlikely items they could dunk in their scalding-hot Mini Melters - for instance, dinosaur toys and Barbie dolls.

“What you dip in it is up to you,” advises the wary voiceover, like one who knows that scalding hot cheese doesn’t mix with that other staple of Seventies suburban decadence, the swingers’ party.Dip at your peril.