Frozen organic babyfood company BabyDeli is launching a new JuniorDeli range for older children, and targeting a 20% sales increase of its Babydeli range off the back of new Tesco listings.

The Manchester-based company is rolling three of its BabyDeli products into 40 northern stores this week Max's Wicked Chicken, Cheeky Tally's Pretty Pink Fish Dish, and Dylan's Scrumptious Scrumpy Chicken.

The new JuniorDeli range comprises seven 260g meals, including Salmon & Vegetable Pie and Spaghetti Bolognese, and is for children aged two to 12. It launches in January via Stratford Fine Food, and trials in Peter Jones, Sloane Square this month.

Helping customers find BabyDeli foods, which are merchandised in the frozen aisle away, was a challenge, said founder Louise Duerr. Tesco will use shelf talkers to direct consumers from the ambient aisle.