Babyfood startup BabyDeli has brightened its packaging and invested £250,000 on marketing after securing a listing at Waitrose.

BabyDeli was launched last September at Ocado, through which the full 10-strong range of frozen organic tubs is available. Waitrose will carry three items from the range from next week. Max's Wicked Chicken, Cheeky Tally's Pretty Pink Fish Dish and Dylan's Scrumptious Scrumpy Chicken (rsp: from £2.40) were originally boxed in brown paper-style packaging but will now be available in more attractive, colourful designs.

A £250,000 spend will promote the products, which have been designed for mums who want to wean and feed their babies handmade food but lack time. "By preparing food just like mum does and flash freezing the range, we lock in more essential vitamins and nutrients than ambient alternatives," said founder Louise Duerr.