The problem when it comes to the relatively embryonic sector of frozen babyfood is not consumer perceptions - but finding the retailing solution.

"The consumer loves the idea and we are constantly bombarded with requests for our ranges," says Sally Preston, founder of specialist company Babylicious, with products listed in Asda, Ocado, Waitrose and Budgens.

"But the challenge is how to merchandise the ranges where mums expect to find them in a way that works for the retailers . The customer sees frozen babyfood and relates to it as something they would do at home. The y understand that if you cook it and freeze it, you lock in flavour and nutrients."

When sold from the freezer section, frozen babyfood is a lone category and has a small target audience (there are only about 375,000 babies eating food in the UK at any given moment). It's also not where mums expect to find it .

According to research by Babylicious, growth in frozen babyfood sales can jump 10% if ranges are located alongside other baby foods. "It brings new mums to the category," says Preston.