Snackylicious Apple Crisps, offering children one of their five daily fruit and veg portions in crisps form, are the latest offering from award-winning small business Babylicious.

The new line is made from 100% apple, dried so that it remains crunchy. The resulting crisps retain all the nutrients and taste of a fresh apple, according to the company, maker also of Babylicious and Kiddylicious snap-frozen baby and toddler meals.

The range combines convenience with healthy eating, said Sally Preston, Babylicious founder and mother of two.

"Parents are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy eating and know what they should be encouraging their kids to eat, but getting them to eat more fruit and less junk can be a challenge," she said. "With Snackylicious, the stalemate is broken."

The crisps, sold in 12g bags and priced at 49p each, come in four variants: Just Apple, or apples dipped in blackcurrant, banana or strawberry juice.