Vinnie Jones is back on TV screens for the third instalment of Bacardi rum's £10m Latin Quarter' campaign.
The Strong Arm' ad sees the hard man challenging a female drinker called Claudia to an arm wrestle, while a lively crowd cheer them on. However, apparently displaying her "fiery Latino" spirit, the woman uses her charms to win the contest before Jones buys her a celebratory Bacardi and coke.
The ad, which will be aired until October, marks the third consecutive year that Jones has championed the rum's campaign.
Bruce Ray, Bacardi-Martini's director of sales and trade marketing, said: "The Latin Quarter ad campaign has been a roaring success to date.
"Awareness for Bacardi has been growing with each execution and now 87% of target 18 to 24-year-olds have seen them."
He added: "Bacardi's sociable, party characteristics are graphically demonstrated, attracting a new generation of drinkers."
The ad was screened on TV for the first time yesterday (July 4) and comes amid claims from Bacardi-Martini that sales of the rum are at a 10-year high.
Last week, The Grocer reported that the brand was facing new competition from Pernod Ricard which is launching a rival white rum.