The take home and on-trade marketing divisions of Bacardi-Martini are being merged in a major shake-up. The new department will be led by Bruce Ray who moves up from on-trade marketing controller to director of trade marketing. The off-trade's commercial development controller Jeremy Paris Jones has been promoted to purchasing controller of the company. Ray said the trade would see no disruption as a result. "Although the two areas have their own specific marketing needs and requirements, our target consumers purchase in both," he said. "So it makes strategic sense to communicate similar messages to them in both on and off-trade environments. "We are firmly committed to our aggressive and ongoing brand marketing programmes above and below-the-line, but they will be steered and executed by only one department." Ray added, however, that each brand had different aspirations within the two sectors, so that neither sector would receive special marketing emphasis. The department will control the £12m budget for Bacardi rum and £10m being spent this year on premium packaged spirit brand leader Bacardi Breezer. Both have major TV campaigns which are currently being screened. Bacardi's features former footballer hard man Vinnie Jones (left) while the star of the Breezer ads is a nightclub loving cat. A new ad in this series is planned for the beginning of 2002. {{DRINKS }}