Sandy Wilkie, sales and marketing director of Robert Wiseman Dairies, has made a passionate plea for the dairy industry to get behind a national, generic campaign to promote milk.

He told this week’s Dairy Industry Show, organised by trade body DIAL, that the milk moustache activity launched north of the border by Scotland’s five major dairy firms had proved to be a
massive hit with consumers. And Wilkie said the industry needed to learn from that experience, ditch the “minor and unco-ordinated activity” currently running across Britain, and get behind a national promotion for milk.

“Something positive happened a few years ago that led to the White Stuff campaign but that stalled and died.”

Wilkie said there were a number of reasons why the industry should promote milk - and they were not all directly related to the sales line. He pointed out that consumers - particularly tomorrow’s mums and dads - needed to be reminded about the health benefits of milk. And he said the industry needed to fight back against the anti-milk lobby warning that “the propaganda they produce will have a drip, drip effect on our sales”.

He added: “I despair when we continue to procrastinate about backing our product.”