There is no mistaking the fact that the retail market remains as saturated as ever: this week Sainsbury is offering a bulk pack of 4 x 200g Danish back rashers at £3.99 for smoked or green. British bacon is still retaining a differential ­ thick cut back rashers were just over £7.80 a kilo in a 600g twin pack in JS, while twin packs of green streaky were £1.99 for 2 x 200g CAP packs. The wholesale trade is still slow: "It's very quiet and I don't expect it to pick up before the end of October," said a trader. "Even the multiples aren't having it easy." With Dutch bacon tonnages into the UK running steadily over 2,200 tonnes a week, there is no sign of a floor under the market, either. The cumulative average of Royal Dutch Crest shipped for weeks one to 38 is 2,117t a week, of which just 95kg a week is not back bacon. {{PROVISIONS }}