The bacon trade is kicking its heels watching the late summer tick away with little improvement in trade: "It's not as good as it should be for the time of year," one trader told The Grocer, describing the market as "difficult". "There's just too much product, too little demand and the cold summer has not exactly helped, either." A trader in Dutch bacon agreed, adding his disappointment that the barbecue trade had not really taken off this year, either. Most of the Dutch pigmeat industry is still on holiday: "The pigs are there, the middles are there, there just aren't really enough people to bone them out until after the holidays." Holland is also seeing a 7% drop in the number of clean pigs, too. While the UK has also seen a drop in pig numbers, throughput has not dropped by as much as continental industry watchers had expected, keeping the bacon market supply levels higher than the market can really sustain. Traders can only guess for now what effect swine fever will have on the UK bacon industry. The chances of pig producers recovering from the financial effects of a full scale epidemic are not much better than their herds' chances of surviving an outbreak. {{PROVISIONS }}