Tulip has revealed what it describes as "a radically different approach to merchandising bacon" with the launch of a series of four limited edition flavours. A new flavour will hit shelves every quarter for the next 12 months. Each will be on shelf for eight weeks, or, if sales are particularly good, will stay for an extra four until replaced by the next newcomer. The special editions will not overlap. Tulip XXX ­ heavily smoked and thicker than standard rashers ­ leads the way this month. It will hit Safeway shelves first and will be rolled out to other retailers in August. Packs feature a bold logo and recipe ideas. Rsp: £1.99 for 200g. Product manager Sarah Redgrave said limited editions held benefits for manufacturers, as new products could be test marketed, and for retailers, who could keep the fixture lively without making long term commitments. "This is less about treating bacon like a commodity and more like a treat," Redgrave added. "By introducing a variety of flavours to the bacon fixture, we are making sure that consumers return time after time to find out what's new." The next launch is planned for the Christmas and New Year period. Successful limited editions could become permanent lines. {{MARKETING - P&P }}