Protesting British pig farmers helped to generate a 0.7% lift in the volume share of British bacon on the UK market last year. But with a 2.1% drop in the total supply to the trade, this could be a pyrrhic victory for producers. Curers and slicers are finding that British pork backs remain as hard to find as ever ­ and imported cuts of pigmeat for curing showed a decline throughout last year. In terms of finished product, Intrastat figures show a 12.1% calendar year drop in Danish bacon and ham imports ­ a far cry from the deluge loudly proclaimed by British producers. The total supply to the market was 476,890t, of which the UK produced 232,984t. But the Dutch appear to have taken second place from the Danes, on volume if not price, with a 24.2% share. The Danish volume share is down to 21.3% from 1998's 23.9% share. {{PROVISIONS }}