Sir, In response to David Faires' letter on the EU's refusal to allow bacon with more than 5% added water to be called bacon (Letters, The Grocer, 30 July), the most important piece of consumer information on the pack when selecting bacon is the meat content in the ingredients list required by law.

Premium, dry cured bacon made from rare breeds of pig and with about 97% meat commands the highest price. Most other bacon is produced by injecting carefully prepared brines to obtain an even cure and a consistent product with the required shelf-life.

Mr Faires' grandma's bacon would have been made from whole sides of pork pickled in tanks of brine. It was saltier and fattier than today's leaner, healthier range. The consumer now has a large choice. But in the end, you get what you pay for. The new regulation will not change that.

Bob Salmon's letter (30 July) applauds the degree of consultation during the drafting of the food information regulations. I agree, but this particular requirement was slipped in at the last minute with no consultation whatsoever.

Clare Cheney, director general, PTF