Supply squeeze for Dutch Volatile prices for pigs in the Netherlands partly reflect and help explain the slight instability of Dutch bacon supply to the British market during recent weeks. As expected, a sudden rise in slaughterings was associated with a sharp drop in the Dutch livestock price during the week ended April 21, but this was not a safe forward indicator for buyers in Britain. Quite apart from the forthcoming series of short working weeks in the Dutch processing industry, limited availability of pigs for the rest of the year is being relentlessly emphasised by market commentators in the Netherlands. On the other hand, constrained output from the Dutch would not be enough to prevent prices skidding if, as is possible, the German or French pork markets were to lose balance suddenly. French suppliers continue to keep a low profile but their shipments have become increasingly significant in recent years. Surrey based international meat trader Global Group has a developing joint venture with one of France's largest pork producers Cooperl, and intends to build on its "initial good penetration of UK retail". {{MEAT }}