Market to stay buoyant through summer Continued strength in Dutch bacon and further rises in the prices of British pigs ahead of the Jubilee gave more support to forecasters claiming the whole market in this country could stay surprisingly buoyant through the summer. The British pig price, which has moved above 95p per kg on a Euro Spec basis, could be dismissed as an aberration due to the very tight supply. The UK national kill of clean pigs is still below 200,000 head in a full working week, though the sow slaughter rate is much higher than in the midst of FMD. Yet optimists among suppliers argue there must be genuinely aggressive demand to support these prices, and the values might be seen as startling given the financial pressures in parts of processing. As for the Dutch product values, recovery in plant throughput rates will push extra supply into Britain during the next few weeks. Selected backs at 95p or more could seem vulnerable. {{MEAT }}