Asda levels the ground Asda claims the 17% of its own label bacon range imported from Holland now comes from pigs raised on farms that exceed the welfare and traceability standards faced by British producers. Three additional criteria have been added to the stall and tether free and MBM requirements of the UK. The new conditions guarantee limits on the number of pigs to water and food supplies, as well as a strict no castration policy. Asda meat director John Cleland said: "Today's announcement levels the ground for UK pig farmers and sends a clear message to our shoppers that Asda bacon meets the most stringent welfare regulations in Europe." Most of the multiple's pork and bacon products are British sourced. But there is not enough UK raw material available for rasher bacon. Asda's announcement came as the British Pig Industry Support Group accused the Dutch industry of failing to meet its own standards ­ accusations which the Dutch Meat Board vehemently rebutted. {{NEWS }}