The UK apple industry has been rated as low as 14th overall in competitiveness by the prestigious World Apple Review. Top was Chile followed by New Zealand and then France.
The UK dropped to near-bottom of the league of 28 countries, below Greece, China, Turkey and Poland, when it came to production efficiency.
Infrastructure and inputs were categorised at 17th and the UK’s highest placing, referring to financial stability, was 6th.
Excluding China’s production, Delicious will continue to represent the largest volume in 2010 at 18.6% followed by Goldens at 18.29% and Gala/Royal Gala at 11.4%.
All others, although this does not take into account massive Fuji crops in China, are below 7%. Growth is predicted for Ida Red, Jonagold, Braeburn, Cortland, Elstar, Cripps Pink, and Gloster.