KP is giving its Real McCoy's range a boost with a £2.5m round of TV advertising this spring. The snacks maker is also relaunching the brand's Original' flavour as Rock Salt'. A new slogan, A Bag of Best', is designed to give the brand a new image and plays on the idea of a world where the crisps replace beer. Spin-off jokes include warnings about spilling someone else's bag and how mixing flavours is a bad idea. The brand will also be backed by a sampling campaign through the spring and summer. Mandy Ferguson, KP marketing director, said the brand had achieved 80% value sales growth in the last two years without any advertising. The company puts the current value of the brand at £58m. "The Real McCoy's story is a fantastic case study of success driven by a product that's better than its competition and a dogged determination to put the product in front of its target consumer in the right distribution channels," said Ferguson. "To have achieved growth of over 80% in two years without yet having advertised is remarkable." {{P&P }}