A new range of bags has been launched to preserve the life and freshness of fruit and veg.

The PEAKfresh polythene packaging bags from BPI.Household are being launched in a number of UK supermarkets, and are aimed at reducing the large volumes of fruit and veg thrown away.

The bags 'breathe' so the ethylene released by fresh produce after harvest can escape. The bags also use anti-fogging technology that minimises the formation of large moisture droplets to inhibit bacterial growth.

PEAKfresh come in packs of 10 and can be reused for up to two months.

"Each household in the UK sends around 300 kg of food to landfill annually, which is frightening," said BPI.Household sales and marketing director Guy Coates.

The products are an extension of the company's range of ethylene scavenging bags, which extend the life of fresh produce in the supply chain.