Birds Eye is relaunching its Bake to Perfection range to better highlight its premium position and give greater guidance on when to eat it and what to serve it with.

Consumer research had shown that shoppers responded better to Bake to Perfection when they understood how it fitted into a complete meal and what other foods it went with [Truth U&A May 2011], said Johnny Corbett, senior brand manager for fish at Birds Eye. Shoppers were also looking for more special mid-week meals. "As a result, we are relaunching the entire range with packaging that will have a more premium feel and offer ­recipe suggestions." The ­relaunch will be backed by a £1.2m TV ad campaign.

Two new flavours will be added to the Bake to Perfection portfolio cod fillets with olive oil, rosemary & tomato, and haddock fillets with white wine, wholegrain mustard & spring onion.