Somewhat predictably, weather experts have predicted an unpredictable summer this year. And the frozen food category is set to benefit.

Planning a barbecue in this country is a frustrating business, which is why most Brits now go for impromptu events based on what the weather does on a given day. And that means they like to have frozen burgers, sausages and anything else they can chuck on the barbecue to hand.

Given that there will be more than 130 million barbecues this year, the potential for frozen-food manufacturers to exploit the British climate is considerable. And, if they can convince people that frozen is as good as chilled, then this summer could be a great one, even if it's not a scorcher.

Burgers remain the favourite choice for Brits, featuring on 77% of barbecues. Mindful that young adults between 17 and 35 account for a quarter of all burger consumption, Birds Eye has launched a Big Bite Burger, aimed at young men who barbecue, as well as a premium Simply Burger.