Bass Brewers is shrugging off the ownership problems that hang over it, saying goodbye to its sponsorship of football's Premier League and putting all its weight behind supporting the brands. This year that budget will total £88.5m of which £43m is going behind Carling. Media spend on the brand will be doubled and a new TV campaign introduced. Managing director John Holberry said that next year the budget would treble to make Carling the biggest lager advertiser in the UK. More money is available because of the brewer's withdrawal from the Carling Premiership sponsorship. Even though Interbrew is being forced to sell Bass it is obliged to maintain its viability and needs to demonstrate the value of the business to any potential purchaser. The work on Carling is extensive. The new ad features an attractive woman who appears to take her eyeball out and put it in a pint of Carling. It has already been seen in cinemas and was first shown on TV yesterday (Friday). It will run until June. New ads are being planned for the autumn. Holberry said: "We need to change some of the perceptions about the brand in a way only advertising can do." The brewer has allocated £11m to marketing Worthington, £7m to Reef and £4m to Caffrey's. {{DRINKS }}