It was the Scottish company's second attempt to expand its ambient soup heritage into the chiller cabinet. The first ­ manufactured by another company ­ was withdrawn soon after its January 2000 launch because of quality issues. Eight variants launched the range and six cold weather varieties joined in the winter. Sales Information Resources has recorded sales of £3m for the range across all outlets for the year ending April 21, 2002. It values the total wet soup market at £292m, up 3.3%, and the refrigerated soup sector at £63m, a rise of 13%. The company says "Although we have only seen one soup season we are pleased with our performance and will continue to invest in our brand as well as the fresh soup category. Since launch we have been the largest investor in it. "Our entry into the market and heavy investment has encouraged consumers to trade up and the market is up 13% in value, while volume is static. "Baxters is steeped in the heritage of soup manufacturing and we are renowned for our premium quality soups made using only the finest ingredients. Our move into the fresh soup market reflected today's changing lifestyles." {{P&P }}