Beam Global Wine & Spirits has spent £1m on repackaging its Harveys range in its latest attempt to revive the flagging UK sherry market.

The new look is inspired by wine bottles to try and reposition sherry as more of a wine than a spirit. It features a metallic label and a new "H" logo.

"Many consumers still think of sherry as a spirit-type of drink that can be opened and then kept in the cupboard indefinitely," said Rosie Kent, Harveys' marketing manager. "We need to educate them to treat it more as a wine, to be chilled, drunk from proper wine glasses and with food. We are hoping this new look will achieve that."

The redesign appears on the core Harveys range of Bristol Cream, Pale Cream and Amontillado and aims to give the brand a clear family identity. It is hoped this will encourage tipplers to experiment more within the range and try different sherry styles for different occasions.

It is also hoped the new look will attract a younger audience to the category

"This is a much more fresh and contemporary look, with premium cues that appeal to our target market of 35 to 45-year-old women," said Kent.

The company has worked hard to reposition sherry as a contemporary and year-round drink since it acquired the brand from Allied Domecq in 2005. Last year it added Harveys Orange, a Fino and a reserve sherry to the range and invested £1m in promoting chilled sherry this year.