Vin de Pays wines are to be introduced by Beaujolais wine producers, following a plan of action drawn up by around 850 winemakers.
Beaujolais is currently one of the few wine producing regions in France which does not have a Vin de Pays. The new selection of wines would allow producers to offer a greater range of products and would help them compete in their battle against New World wines.
The new Vin de Pays wines will initially concentrate on the grape varietals Gamay, for red wine, and Chardonnay for white but others could be added at a later date. The producers are aiming to ensure these Vin de Pays wines are on store shelves by the beginning of 2006.
Production of Vin de Pays is embroiled in far less regulation than Appellations d’Origine Controlée. Vin de Pays wines are generally lower in quality than similar AOC wines but the one significant difference to consumers is that Vin de Pays will often carry a varietal designation. This is strictly forbidden with AOC wines.