InBev UK has developed a lower alcohol version of its premium Beck’s lager to tackle the mainstream UK beer market.
Beck’s Vier, a 4% abv lager imported from its brewery in Bremen, Germany, is the brewer’s first major activity for Beck’s since it took over distribution and marketing for the brand from Scottish & Newcastle last August. It will be launched into the off-trade on April 14.
According to InBev UK, Vier has the same flavour profile as standard Beck’s but a lower abv. It will be sold in 375ml silver cans, rather than the iconic green bottles, to target the top-end price segment of standard lager which,
InBev UK said, was currently an undeveloped area that had further potential.
Vier - German for ‘four’ - is named to reflect its 4% abv strength as well as its four natural ingredients of barley-malt, hops, yeast and water, in accordance with German Reinheitsgebot brewing laws.
Richard Ingram, marketing manager for Beck’s Vier at InBev UK, said: “We see an opportunity to develop a new brand with premium positioning in the standard lager sector. Initial response has been excellent. We’re confident that adding Beck’s Vier will maximise profit potential and that it has what it takes to succeed.”
The new entrant will have an rsp of £2.89 for four, £7.99 for 12 and £12.99 for 20. The launch will be backed by a £4m push, part of a £12m spend on the Beck’s brand in 2006.
Sonya Hook