The resumption of normal British beef exports, on track for the end of next month, could lead to domestic beef prices rising by up to 10%.
NFU chief livestock adviser Peter King said: "The thinking is that the ban on British beef exports dampened beef prices by between 5% and 10%, so an end to the ban brings an expectation that prices will rise.
"There are many importers who have expressed an interested in buying British beef - but prices are not going to shoot up overnight."
MLC beef economist Duncan Sinclair said it was impossible to predict the precise impact the end to the export ban would have on domestic prices. But he added: "The EU is experiencing a shortage of beef and will continue to do so even when British exports resume. This will also serve to firm up prices.
"There is also a growing global deficit scenario, particularly with lower exports from Brazil due to foot and mouth, and from Argentina due to economic reasons."