Tesco is trying to tell everyone that beer with breakfast is the ultimate money-making wheeze to cash in on the World Cup, but it seems to be basing this on duff information. In a press release sent out this week it claims an estimated three million England fans are expected to watch its opening match with Sweden at 6.30am on Sunday, June 2, and it reckons soccer fans will be washing down breakfast with their favourite accompaniment to football. The only problem is the match will actually kick off at a far more reasonable, post breakfast 10.30am. But never let the facts get in the way of a good story. In a PR stunt Tesco's hapless food testers were forced to tuck into a range of breakfasts, wash them down with beer, and come up with guidelines for what to drink with each. Sounds like a case of: World Cup 1, Tesco 0. {{COUNTERPOINT }}