Retailers are being offered the chance to make a 20% saving on the cost price of Werther's Original and Campino roll-packs. Bendicks (Mayfair) has produced special promotional outers for the limited period deal, selling 120 rolls for the price of 98. The cases each contain 24 rollpacks of Werther's Original, the same number of Werther's Original Chewy Toffees, and 36 each of Campino Strawberries and Cream and Oranges and Cream. The outers also double into handy merchandising units with retailers able to choose between selling the rolls at the normal rsp of 30p each or attempting to increase volumes by passing on a two for 49p' offer to customers. Bendicks said it expected the offer, scheduled to end next month depending on stocks, to help increase retailers' takings on the popular treats. Both Werther's and Campino will benefit from a £7m media spend over the next 12 months, said a spokesman for Bendicks. {{P&P }}