Bernard Matthews has “taken its head out of the sand” with new initiatives and new thinking aimed at improving its reputation and sales.

The turkey producer this week unveiled a new corporate identity using softer colours to emphasise its farming roots as well as reducing SKUs by 40% to avoid duplication and streamline the business.

Sales nosedived following last year’s avian flu outbreak, and the corporate redesign is part of the strategy to rebuild long-term business and put the focus back on core turkey production, said marketing director Matt Pullen. The company will also move away from an over-reliance on its founder Bernard Matthews, who has stepped aside from the business. “We are missing the human face,” said Pullen. “The board will be much more open. The head-in-the-sand mentality did us no favours. We need to try to replace Bernard by showing the caring people of the business, and returning to what made us a household name.

“We need to dispel the myth over the quality of our product,” he added. “We shouldn’t be known for products that are fatty, because they are not”