Nine major berry importers have joined forces to promote berries through the winter.
The Winter Berry campaign will build on the British Summer Fruits campaign but unlike that drive it will not focus on any one berry or country, said organiser Sputnik Communications.
The campaign will be predominantly editorial-led with bursts around key seasonal events such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and Easter, using health messages.
Campaign managers will be targeting mainstream print and broadcast media. A web site - - is also in development.
Laurence Olins, chairman of the campaign, said: “This is a truly unique undertaking for the fresh produce industry. Rarely has a category of fruit had a year-round campaign supporting the same health messages, with both the summer and winter companies involved working together. We are very excited about the opportunities this may create for the overall benefit of all berry fruit growers worldwide.”
The nine companies backing the campaign represent about 90% of berries supplied to UK supermarkets during the