Bestway has urged other UK companies to export more products to boost the UK economy after its own export sales soared by more than a fifth.

The cash & carry giant exports its range of 26,000 SKUs - including core groceries, soft drinks, confectionery, snacks, toiletries, household products, pet foods and catering packs - to 49 countries.

The value of its exports had increased by 23% in the past year, said Dawood Pervez, Bestway director and head of group exports.

The company’s Best-in own-label range of core British products was proving particularly popular, as was White Pearl, its own-label range of rice, lentils, pulses and spices, which is also the largest importer of Pakistani basmati rice into the UK, he said.

“We are proud of our long relationships with customers in the domestic market and are now working just as hard to offer the same support to our existing customers and the increasing number of potential export customers,” he said.

“Our past year’s earnings have risen dramatically. It’s what the country should be doing more of. UK plc is boasting record exports of food around the world and Bestway is proud to be playing its part in that.”

Bestway exhibited at Anuga last year and had returned with record sales and interest from a range of international buyers, added Bestway central export buyer Umar Sheikh. “It’s good to know that the UK’s leading brands are popular items on the world’s shopping lists.”