Bestway is launching what it claims is the most ambitious wine festival to be staged by a major wholesaler.

The festival, which kicks off on Friday and runs until 26 April in most of Bestway’s 62 depots, will include more than 30 major branded wines, as well as Bestway’s own-label range Cellar Estate.

The festival was being held to encourage indies to take more of an interest in selling wine, as well as to help them understand more about the category, said Umar Sheikh, negotiator for wines at Bestway Wholesale Group.

“We really want to encourage retailers to get the range right, stock bestselling brands and ensure they are easy to find on shelf,” he said.

“The recommended space on the fixture for wines is about 40%. One of the most important points we want retailers to appreciate is to ensure that wine is available chilled. We know that 90% of wine purchases are bought for consumption on the same day.”

Bestway’s own-label range has a sale or return policy, which gave retailers greater confidence to stock wines without worrying about excess stock, Sheikh added.