Sir; I read your advertising supplement on hot beverages with great concern. In this supplement a new coffee brand containing Colombian coffee was promoted on the basis of negative advertising and false facts, ignoring the good work that has been done in our country for decades ('Coffee that makes an instant difference', The Grocer Guide to Hot Beverages, 3 February, p14).

While we acknowledge we will always have challenges to improve the wellbeing of Colombian coffee growers and their families, it is misleading and erroneous to portray our coffee production system as if our coffee growers and day labourers are mistreated.

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia's mission is to provide wellbeing to our coffee growers. Since its foundation in 1927, it has built a social safety net across Colombia bringing stability, social welfare and peace in coffee-growing regions. It has been instrumental in building more than 6,000 schools. It has also paved 7,000 miles of roads and built 2,500 bridges in coffee areas and brought electricity to 200,000 rural homes.

We wish Fair Instant success in their endeavours, particularly if they are helping our coffee communities. We applaud their initiative and their cause.

However, we ask them to refrain from trying to differentiate their brand by overlooking the social facts and investments that have taken place in Colombia.