Sir; Following various newspaper articles, we would like to clarify our position regarding Birds Eye Cod Fillet Fish Fingers, cod products and the use of other species in our fish portfolio. We have no plans to move Captain Birds Eye Cod Fillet Fish Fingers to another species. We will however progressively use alternative species in other products. This will ensure we can protect the predicted limited supply of cod for use in our Cod Fillet Fish Fingers. Birds Eye is wholly committed to sustainability. So much so that in 1996 Unilever, the parent company of Birds Eye Wall's, and the World Wildlife Fund came together to co-found the Marine Stewardship Council. The aim was to create incentives for sustainable fishing by establishing a certification scheme using market forces and the power of consumer choice. We will be launching an MSC certified hoki product in the next few months. Neil Jones Trading director Birds Eye Wall's {{LETTERS }}