Seafood specialist Young's is aiming to challenge the dominance of traditional meat dishes with a new range of chilled microwaveable ready meals. It has launched a collection of new recipes including Cod & Salsa Dressing with a Basil Mash, Prawn Biryani, Salmon with a Teriyaki Style Dressing & Noodles, and Seafood Paella. Young's four new offerings are so far only being listed in Somerfield, although the manufacturer is in talks with other retailers. It hopes to persuade them that the meals for one, which vary in weight from 380g for the Salmon to 450g for the Cod, will be a hit with shoppers. All are free of artificial flavours or colours, microwaveable in seven minutes and retail at £2.99 each. Young's chilled marketing controller Mark Ventress said: "The ready meal category is underdeveloped in seafood when compared to other proteins. "We have seized this opportunity and are driving chilled in new directions through ongoing sector innovation. "The introduction of these new branded meals is a natural extension of your work in the frozen seafood sector. Ventress added: "The new range also demonstrates our determination to bring accessible, convenient seafood products to consumers, and it should also succeed in bringing new users into the seafood category." {{P&P }}